We believe that access to healthcare, specifically in rehabilitation health, should be accessible to all and our programs reflect that. Designed to empower, we partner with local rehab therapists and healthcare workers to develop and implement community and clinician trainings.

Empowering Your Patient

Our "Empowering Your Patient" program educates local healthcare professionals on the importance of empowering their patients with knowledge regarding their disability and rehabilitation.

Understanding Your Disability

Our “Understanding Your Disability” program is focused on educating, empowering, and harnessing the benefits of rehabilitation for adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

Caring for Caregivers

Our “Caring For Caregivers: Mental Health & Wellness While Supporting Disability” program de-stigmatizes and dispels myths surrounding the causes of disabilities. This impactful training program offers support and tools for parents and caregivers of persons with disabilities, framed with an occupational therapy perspective.

Mental Health & Wellness For Your Patient

Our "Mental Health & Wellness For Your Patient" program empowers clinicians to support wellness needs of their patient while de-stigmatizing and dispelling myths surrounding the causes of disabilities. This impactful training program offers tools for healthcare providers to treat patients holistically, framed with an occupational therapy perspective.

Ready To Play

Based on a functional, interdisciplinary approach, our “Ready to Play” program highlights the importance of safe handling and simple therapeutic techniques for caregivers to optimize the function and inclusivity of children with disabilities.

Passport To Potential

Passport to Potential is an initiative that embodies the heart and soul of Therapists Beyond Borders (TBB). This monthly giving program is a pillar in our quest to promote therapists and disability awareness across the globe.

Mentorship - Coming Soon

COMING SOON! A highly requested virtual mentorship program connecting local therapists in under-resourced countries with experienced therapists around the world to assist in elevating clinical knowledge and collaboratively problem-solve complex cases.

Training can transform communities

Join our global community of compassionate volunteers to help train and empower disability communities and their care team in under-resourced countries.
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