Frequently asked questions

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Are there any employment opportunities?
Are there opportunities to get involved as a PT, OT, or ST student?
Can we interview TBB’s founder for our podcast, blog, or assignment?
Can you provide Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, or Physical therapy to our country or community?
Do you accept in-kind donations or equipment?
Do you have opportunities for counselors, psychologists, or mental health therapists?
How can I represent my country in your Passport to Potential Program?
How can I volunteer to assist in developing a program?
How do I become a certified TBB trainer?
I want to provide therapy in another country to help, are there any mission volunteer trips?
We are interested in attending a training program; how can we access it?
We are interested in being a corporate partner or sponsor; how can we partner with TBB?
We are interested in supporting one of TBB’s programs; how can we partner?
We need support; how can we collaborate or build a new program together?
What is a program volunteer?
When will you be expanding to other countries?


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